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It is one of our primary aims to make our patients feels as comfortable as possible whilst at Robina Dental Group and we strive to make your dental experience enjoyable and rewarding. We find it fantastic ourselves when someone who began their treatment anxious leaves feeling relaxed and with a sense of accomplishment. So often we hear the comment "That was so much easier than what I expected!"

Nitrous Oxide Sedation or Relative Analgesia (Happy Gas, Laughing Gas)

At Robina Dental Group we are able to offer the comfort and convenience of Nitrous Oxide sedation or Relative Analgesia for anxious patients. Nitrous Oxide enables patients who are worried about treatment to completely relax whilst in the chair. Properly administered, it is a comfortable and safe treatment modality which wears off rapidly following the appointment. Patients making use of this facility are able to drive themselves home safely.

Premedication (Valium)

For those extremely anxious clients, the dentist can assess and prescribe an appropriate oral sedative to be taken prior to their appointment.

Please note that patients undertaking this type of sedation need to be accompanied to and from the practice and are not permitted to drive nor should they operate machinery or consume alcohol.

General Anaesthesia

For those patients however that are extreme dental phobics for whom other methods of sedation are not enough there is always the option of having your treatment performed whilst asleep under a general anaesthetic. Treatment is performed in an accredited day surgery and patients treated in the morning are usually home by lunch time recuperating in the comfort of their own home. Overall costs are higher for this treatment modality considering the fees of the anaesthetist and theatre time.